We add value to businesses of our clients by solving their challenging data problems with our agile R&D processes and our unique ability to transform solutions into end-to-end products.

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Algopoly's core areas of research and development expertise include Quantitative Finance, Energy Demand Prediction and Pricing, and Large Scale Forecasting. Algopoly excels at turning data driven problems into customer centered, automated solutions. Our research team consists of scientists and engineers with advanced degrees.

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Quick Prototyping

Fast response to your data problems. We analyze your data and try multiple machine learning models in a short period of time.

High Performance

We reiterate our efforts and calibrate our models continuously until we reach to a high performing solution.

Product Focus

We automate our analytic process into a resuable and customizable product. No technical knowledge required. Ready to use after a brief training.

Customer Centered

We fine tune our products to your needs and requirements. We add analytic dashboards and automated periodic reports. All to your satisfaction.

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